Jānis Vīcieps
Head of Equipment Department of SIA “Saltavots”
Quality products, friendly prices, the possibility of post-payments - these are the pros that have formed our successful cooperation with “Akorda”. We have been cooperating since the company was founded - we purchase pumping equipment for municipal sewage disposal in the region. “Akorda” distributes quality products from well-known manufacturers. The pumps we buy are designed according to modern technologies, with high energy efficiency and long service life. If something happens, the company is able to supply the necessary spare parts from the equipment manufacturer. The prices offered by “Akorda” are relatively friendly. In addition, the company is accommodating and has a contract with us for the post-payment of the products we purchase. “Akorda” is also located very close to us in Sigulda, which is convenient. We are planning to expand our cooperation and we may purchase other products, because we can trust this distributor.
Klāvs Zīberts
Member of the Board of SIA “Garkalnes Inženiertīkli”
“Akorda” is a cooperation partner we can rely on. We were looking for a company that could provide us with a professional full-service sewage pump maintenance. We tried several companies until we found a reliable and professional partner. We bought sewage pumps from Swedish manufacturer Flygt from “Akorda”. In our situation, the pumps have a heavy workload - villages need to be serviced - and they perform well. “Akorda” always offers the solution that is best for the given situation. They also provide professional service - pump installation, fast emergency repairs and regular maintenance. We will definitely continue to cooperate in the future.
Andris Lasmanovičs
Head of Production Department of SIA “Valgums - S”
“Akorda” helps us upgrade and modernise our equipment, improve its functionality and efficiency with professional advice and products. “Valgums - S” had a technologically outdated sewage plant. It had to be serviced several times a day. By modernising the plant with the solutions recommended by “Akorda”, maintenance is now required about once a week. At one time, we bought sewage pumps from “Akorda”, and the old ones have been in service for more than ten years. As technology has developed, we have been offered more innovative pumps with more features and higher energy efficiency. We are looking at the offers with interest and planning new solutions. We will soon install new mixers for our biological sewage plants. These will be placed in the tanks, improving the functionality of the equipment and significantly reducing electricity consumption. We visited a company where such mixers are already in use and received good feedback. We are delighted to be working with “Akorda” and we wish them to continue to be as innovative and professional as they are and help companies grow.
Uģis Plaudis
Head of Water Management Service of SIA “Ikšķiles Māja”
We especially appreciate the quick response and professional assistance of “Akorda” in non-standard situations. We have been cooperating on various projects for a long time, “Akorda” provided construction supervision for the project "Phase II of Ikšķile Water Management Development" for almost two years. Any problems that arose during the construction process were always quickly resolved. As a result of the cooperation, the project went ahead successfully and without any delays. In 2018, we were one of the first in Latvia to purchase remotely readable ultrasonic water meters from “Akorda”. Today, many Latvian water management companies already know about the benefits of these meters and come to us to see how they work and ask for feedback. These meters really do have a lot of benefits - there are no mechanical parts that could wear or break over time. If there is any mechanical interference with the meters or water leaks, we get a report when the meter is read. This remote reading of water meters is very convenient. “Akorda” also supplies, installs, annually maintains and repairs various sewage pumps for us. With this partner we know that we are in reliable and professional hands.
Kaspars Grīnbergs
Member of the Board of SIA “Ogres namsaimnieks”
“Akorda” has a deep understanding of its customers' needs and offers products that can solve their problems and make their work more efficient. A very professional and knowledgeable team - especially when it comes to pumps and remotely readable ultrasonic water meters. Finding a company as professional as “Akorda” in Latvia is not that easy. We have worked with various companies offering niche products. Admittedly, many companies do not fully understand the application of their products, so they cannot tell their customers about their benefits. The special asset of “Akorda” is its team of professionals. We would like to thank Oskars and Einārs in particular, they know their speciality perfectly. We have received many valuable suggestions that have helped us to improve our company.
Ļubova Bite
Sewage Treatment Plant Manager of SIA “Daugavpils ūdens”
If “Akorda” promises something, such as electricity savings from the operation of the equipment, then it will happen. We have been cooperating with “Akorda” for many years, buying various products. I can say with confidence that this company is one of the most professional in its sector. The team is very responsive and quick to respond, and always prepares offers that are right for us. Even if the products are not cheap, we can be sure that they are the best on the market, high quality and innovative. “Akorda” also provides spare parts. This is very useful for us as a company, because the repair team can maintain the equipment and carry out repairs if necessary. If the company promises something, you can trust that it will deliver. For example, before we bought energy-efficient sewage pumps, we had a calculation made of what the electricity savings would be. We achieved those savings.
Gundars Krievs
Member of the Board of SIA “Garkalnes Ūdens”
“Akorda” is a successful combination - a team of highly qualified professionals offering an excellent product. During the construction of the 2nd Phase of the Baltezers Water Management Project, we purchased sewage pumps from “Akorda”. The company also provides very good service for the pumps, for which we are grateful. There are many companies in this sector in Latvia. However, the technology is innovative, so we need to have highly qualified specialists. “Akorda” has such specialists. The fact that the company offers a quality product - Flygt pumps - is a big plus. Customers who use them are happy with the quality, and the distributor can also be proud of the product.
Edgars Daugelis
Chairman of the Board of SIA “Ūdeka”
We trust “Akorda” because they offer the best, most innovative products. We have been cooperating with “Akorda” for several years now and we plan to expand our cooperation. “Akorda” is a good partner for companies that need professional, specific products, because they look into the needs and specifics of their customers and provide professional advice, offering the company what is really needed. With the recommendations of “Akorda”, we replaced the aeration systems in our sewage plants. We gained both a technological improvement and the electricity savings promised by “Akorda”. Consumption was reduced by about 20%. Our last purchase was a remotely readable ultrasonic water meter. They are very easy for the staff to work with. We installed these meters for private houses, but we are planning to sign a long-term contract to install the remotely readable meters for apartment buildings as well.
Ričards Ramis
Member of the Board of SIA “Babītes Siltums”
The “Akorda” team knows its products well and recommends what really fits the company and fulfils its function. We have been cooperating for many years and always know that we can rely on their advice when choosing solutions. We bought remotely readable water meters. “Akorda” was the only company offering such meters at that time. Although it is not the cheapest product, after weighing up all the pros, we realised that the “Akorda” offer was good value for money. The main benefit is that we can read all the water meters at the same time, without the residents having to submit meter readings. We have also purchased Flygt sewage pumps for the pumping stations from “Akorda”. Several companies offered such pumps, but we chose “Akorda” because the company has gained our trust.