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HUBER Dūņu prese

Manufacturer HUBER SE is a German company founded in 1872, specializing in providing equipment for wastewater treatment systems. As of March 2023, the representation, distribution, maintenance, and repair rights for HUBER products in the territory of the Republic of Latvia belong to the company SIA “Akorda.”

Various HUBER products are offered in the Latvian market, including sludge presses, screw presses, mechanical screens, mechanical gratings, Q-press, S-DISC, Minicop, models Ro5, Ro6, RoK4, RoSF4, and others.

Specialists from SIA “Akorda” offer inspection and servicing of existing HUBER equipment installed in Latvia’s wastewater treatment plants. In case of necessity, our experts can provide new HUBER equipment and collaborate with factory engineers to develop solutions tailored to specific wastewater treatment needs.

For any inquiries related to HUBER products, we encourage you to contact SIA “Akorda” specialists by calling +26563275 or writing to


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